Virtual Network Computing Seminar For Btech Students

Virtual network computing has a remote control system that allows interaction and viewing from one computer to another computer anywhere over the internet. A viewer allows the user to view and manipulate the remote systems of the desktop such as MS Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX.

 The Virtual Network Computing Seminar For Btech Students paper must have VNC server and should be connected to a network. A proxy is utilized to send the desktop image to the cellular phone. It is used to convert different devices, to suppress network traffics, and to support recovery from an unscheduled disconnection. Using Java, a prototype is implemented which is tested on a Java-enabled cellular phone emulator loop.

Virtual Network Computing is a simple protocol to graphical user interfaces for remote access. It depends on the concept of a Remote Frame Buffer or RFB. To make the software platform independent, the computer will be implemented in java.

With the help of Remote Computer or desktop server like viewing the desktop, mouse click operations, sending a text message, opening of documents or files, opening of the task manager, manipulating of files and various functions can be performed from our cellular phone.

The VNC software must be communicated with the remote system to have control on the peripheral devices from the cellular phones. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) provides connection to a traveler as well. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system. It uses the protocols to control another computer remotely. The main aim of VNC is to develop an application by which user can operate and perform the computer tasks from the cellular phones itself.


Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an ultra-thin client system.  It is based on a simple display protocol which is platform independent. It performs mobile computing without having the user to carry any hardware. With the help of Virtual Network Computing (VNC), people can stay connected securely and easy accessible to your information.

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