Virtual Firewall System (VFS)

Virtual Firewall System (VFS) can be standalone or installed as an integrated Gateway solution. On a corporate Security Policy, a firewall is configured for security based. A security policy consists of security strategy for information technology. A Virtual Firewall System (VFS) has multiple logical firewalls which are geographically distributed on a system. Like firewalls, Virtual Firewalls gives easy management of a many number of firewalls by security policies at defined security domains.

 The main advantages of Virtual Firewalls are ease of deployment and management and also reduced costs. It offers scalability and can define “security domains” or boundaries for firewalls over a network. It greatly reduces cost and resources to manage the system.

 A firewall is a device between networks to separate and protect the privacy and integrity of business communications and provides network security. It safeguards against malicious use. It is positioned between a corporate private network (trusted network) and other public networks. It monitors and enforces corporate policies flowing in and out of the corporate network.

 Conventional firewalls have basic function for controlling access to communication between an enterprise network and the outside world. Therefore the next generation firewalls may significantly have increased security capabilities. It prevents Denial-of-service (DoS) and Distributed DoS attacks.

 Standard features of firewalls include protection against various DOS and DDOS attacks, Policy-based access control, Inbound and Outbound policies for the corporate network, Separate set of policies for DMZ network(s), Access control, Application content filtering, Generation of log and alert messages, Generation of access statistics, and Intuitive user interface.


With the increase dependence and dominance of the Internet, it is really necessary to have secured communication channels. It has a great market opportunity for scalable security solutions. A firewall is a network security device positioned between networks to logically separate and protect the privacy and integrity of business communications over the networks. It safeguards against malicious use.

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