Concepts of Grid Computing Seminar For Btech Students

Description: The research paper Concepts of Grid Computing Seminar For Btech Students talks about Grid Computing. Grid computer is the way, an effective way of managing systems over a distributed network. Grid computing is using many computers, networked, to solve a critical problem. Networking is considered a cost effective and qualitative way of computing. Grid computer utilizes the latent power of unused processing cycles of thousands of computers at the same time safeguarding their significant security concerns.

The goal of grid computing is a way of generating an illusion of having a big supercomputer that is managing hundreds of other networked computers. Computing is a way to enlist large no of machines to work on multipart computational problem such as circuit analysis or mechanical design. It harnesses a diverse array of machines and other resources to rapidly.  Process to solve problem beyond an organization’s available capacity. Once a proper infrastructure is in place, a user will have access to a virtual computer that is reliable and adaptable to the users.

How the Grid Works: Grid computer offers faster and safe internet browsing solutions. It connects various browsers and helps them download multiple files without cashing the system. The system allows safe download of specific software over a system which breaks into a thousand small pieces and helps thousands of other computers falling within the grid to use a specific part of the application. A grid user has to be installed the provided grid s/w on his m/c .m/c is connected with Internet. Internet is most far reaching n/w. The user establishes his identity with a certificate authority. The user has responsibility of keeping his grid secure. Once the user and/or machine are authenticated, the grid software provided to the user for installing on his machine for the purposes of using the grid as well as donating to the grid. This software may be automatically reconfigured by the grid management system to know the communication address of the management nodes in the grid and user or machine identification information.

Conclusion: The intranet grid system is the most widely used one across the one with brilliant solutions pertaining to speed, quality, cost effectiveness and safety to offer.

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