Virtual Network Computing Seminar Report for CSE Students

Introduction to Virtual Network Computing Seminar Topic:

It is distance computing that is very useful. It means that you can use your computer without sitting in front of it. It means that you can operate any computer with the help of internet connection; we don’t need to sit in front of the computer. We can access the full control over the computer by net connection, we have the right to delete, edit, or run to any program.  To establish VNC connection we require to two components VNC server and VNC and viewer. They both are connected to each other through VNC protocol. A TCP connection is established between both of them.

To establish connection first server made request to client for permission if client allows then only the connection is established. They are protected with the help of password. After that they are connected and then ready to share information or desktop. 

You can connect with other computer also, for that you need to enter the server name and desktops which are connected and their quantity. Your DNS connection must be proper otherwise you will not be able to use the name, and then you have to use the address like

Programming of VNC server is difficult than viewer. Our main motive is to make the client side as simple as possible. VNC server is very nice for the user who cannot sit in front of computer for long time and also want to operate computer from long distance. In VNC you can leave your computer on and go to other computer and do some other work and continue again where you leaved.

The work will remain same as you leaved earlier. In this you can’t use the feature of the modem and the display might be slow and might get hang little.

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