Network Security BE Btech CSE Seminar Report

The research paper Network Security BE Btech CSE Seminar Report speaks about how Network Security is achieved. This paper is based on practical techniques, tactics, of attacking and the concept and mechanism of their attacks. Thus for stopping the net criminals from intruding into the systems, the system administrator should know the drawbacks, loopholes of the OS, internet, and networking.

Attacks on the Server: The research paper describes the attacks on the server. One of the attacks described in the research paper is DOS attacks. Denial Of Service attacks (DOS attacks) are very common hacking attacks. It is defined as: An attack on the target system by a malicious attacker to render the normal services offered by it to legitimate users as unavailable or disable services..It involves the launching of an attack that will make the services offered by the target system  or normal services offered by the internet or a network system to a legitimate user.

Network Security BE Btech CSE Seminar Report Types of DOS Attacks:

1. Ping of death

2. Synflood Attack

3. Trojan Key logger attacks

4. Mail bombings

5. Port Scanning

How to block the ports: The research paper concludes on the note saying that the netstat command gives us a couple of open ports on our system or server.

  • Check the Trojan list and compare if the open port number matches any Trojan list. If it does get a Trojan remover and remove the Trojan.
  • WE can also remap the ports. This is an efficient method to secure our open ports. The remapping is done by the fact that instead of running a service on a well-known port, where it can be easily exploited, it better to run it on a not so known port. Thus a hacker will find it more difficult to find that service. This method is known as remapping.
  • ETHERPEEK is excellent sniffing software, which can easily trace the port scanner.
  • NUKE NABBER, a window freeware, claims to be an excellent port blocker.

There are other utilities such as PORT DUMPER, which can fake daemons (services) like Telnet, Finger printing, etc.

Download Network Security BE Btech CSE Seminar Report.

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