Virtual private network (VPN) Seminar

Virtual private network (VPN) Seminar offers secure, low-cost, and dynamic access to private networks. It allows remote users to access securely private networks across the Internet. With the help of VPN, a remote user can establish a secure network connection in the whole world.                 

We are familiar with VPN issues like security, firewalls, and routing/switching. A virtual private network provides secure access to LAN resources over network such as internet. It is conceptualized as the creation of a tunnel from one location to another considering as an Encrypted data passing in a tunnel before getting decrypted at its destination.

A user uses 56 kilobits per second (Kbps) modem to dial their internet service provider (ISP) and connects to the central LAN with VPN software. A remote site uses ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) to connect to its ISP and a VPN router (a hardware solution) to carry out the VPN connection.

Virtual refers to the connection which is dynamic. It can be changed and adapted to different circumstances by making use of internet’s fault tolerant capabilities. Private means transmitted data is kept confidential and is accessed by authorized users. Network is the whole infrastructure between the endpoints of users, sites or nodes which carries the data.

There are variations of virtual private networks. They are Remote access (Virtual private dial-up network (VPDN) or client-to-site) and Fixed (Intranet and extranet or site-to-site). As VPN topologies varies greatly so there is no standard for a definitive VPN. VPN gateways create the virtual tunnels by which the data passes through and gateways can be software, firewall, a server, or router or a dedicated appliance.


VPN is the best technology for the corporate networking. It provides best combination of security and private network capabilities with adequate cost. Various tools are available to manage WAN links. These range from Quality of Service tools for traffic classification, Policing/Shaping, Bandwidth Allocation, and Congestion Avoidance.

Download Virtual private network (VPN) Final Year CSE Seminar.

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