VPN: Virtual Private Network Seminar Report

Use of virtual private network (VPN) and virtual LAN (VLAN) to protect voice traffic and minimise the risks:

Virtual private Network (VPN) is very useful in providing the links between the sites and safeguards the data passing through the unsecured network. On the other hand, virtual LANs are useful in prioritizing the network traffic by separating voice and data traffic to achieve lower latency and good quality of voice. Situations where the IP phones use the same cable connection with PCs must hold the IEEE 802.1Q standard and where the IP phones and PCs exist on different networks; separation could be done by using Voice-aware firewalls (Jensen, W., 2006).

Creation of policy-based safety zones:

The concept of safety zones is brought by Juniper products by allowing flexibility not only in defining but also in creating virtual zones. VoIP network managers have the capacity to control these security zones in separating IP network devices and sometimes virtually separate IP networking segments (Bulk, F., 2008). These provide/facilitate extra grade of security for voice /IP components, stops threats and thus helps in guessing of, and rectification action against, the main problem.

Encryption and its application:

From the security point of view, it is better to know the importance of encryption to VoIP signaling and media streams etc. For example, if there is a problem of eavesdropping, then it is better to consider the use of encrypting phones. Even though this encryption is only for security purpose, but because of some potential performance issues, it should be approached with surgical view. IPSec is an encryption methods to transcode the calls over wide area network. However in the case of long-haul networks, most of the devices should be encryption-aware to guarantee good voice quality.

Safety measures in case of UDP Flooding:

UDP flooding could be understood as a threat over the network which occurs when UDP packets are sent with a view to slow down the total process to a point where it is not possible to hold valid connections. The safety measure for such a type of threat is to install a firewall that enables protection against UDP flooding.

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