UML Unified Modeling Language

This PowerPoint presentation is about UML Unified Modeling Language. It stands for Unified Modeling Language. This is accepted as the standard for modeling object oriented programs by the Object Management Group (OMG). It is a common language and used for creating models of Object Oriented Programming.

 It makes use of Java which is an Object Oriented language. It deals with objects and thinking with objects is different. It deals with complexity. It is a faster development language. It can be reused. It is easy to maintain. These feature can be achieved successfully with the proper application of quality object oriented design and analysis.

For the development of a team, UML needs different members like Manager, who understands what everybody is doing. Analyst who captures needs and propose of business solutions. Designer who maps solutions to design architecture. Coders includes component builders and component users. Integrators and Testers.

A Construction Metaphor of UML includes the following points, think of programmers as construction workers, an analyst/ designer would be an architect, UML is like a blueprint, and construction workers need not pass architecture courses before getting benefit from using blueprints.

There are many types of diagrams in UML. They are Class Diagrams, Package Diagrams

Object Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, State chart Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Component Diagrams, and Deployment Diagrams. In UML, Interface is an element with all abstract methods. It has pure virtual functions.


Unified modeling language provides the community development to build and develop computer applications. It has a unified standard modeling notation. With the help of UML, IT professionals and programmers able to read system structure and design plans. UML has achieved traction in today’s technology. This PowerPoint on UML focused on the basic diagrams used in visual modeling. With standard UML diagrams, it is easy for proficient programmer to join a project and quickly become productive.

Download UML Unified Modeling Language Technical Student White paper.

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