Java Networking Seminar For Btech Students

Description: The research presentation Java Networking Seminar For Btech Students talks about Java Networking. The research presentation suggests that Java Networking is used to Networking Based Applications and they are used in all advanced topics like jdbc, rmi, servlets, corba etc. The presentation suggests that Java Networking can be used to develop all types of applications. Java Networking based applications can be used for any protocol. The presentation speaks about different types of Network.

  1. Homogeneous Network
  2. Heterogeneous Network

 A Homogeneous Network aims at maintaining same types of architecture and a heterogeneous network works over different types of architecture. An internet is an example of heterogeneous architecture. Connection oriented communication is reliable mode as data will transfer to one end. Example of such is HTTP, FTP, SMP3, POP3.Connectionelss communication is possible through pocket routers example DNS, RNI, SNMP. Transmission control protocol is the standard for transferring the data. It has four layers. Transport layer, network layer, link layer and physical layer. Open system interconnect model has seven layers they are : application, presentation, session, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, physical layer.

 It is suggested in the presentation that a System without TCP/IP settings cannot be used to execute network based applications. As Network Based Applications are developed on Application Layer protocols which are standard uses TCP/IP stack and it needs IP Address to indentify every system in network. Communication in between two systems either on TCP or UDP will be based on IP Address and Port number.

Why are network based applications developed:

Network Based Application are developed either for distribution of data or for exchanging the information. These Applications can work among the hosts (Systems connected to network) and also portable on internet also as both are based on TCP/IP protocol. Applications can be developed for servers and clients but internally it has to depend on protocols used in servers.

Conclusion: The presentation ends on a note describing User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

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