Btech Seminar on Network Security & Cryptography


The theft and access to data by unauthorized system has been an epidemic because of security of lax password. The common method of authentication verifies individual identity by user login name and password in today’s IT world. It cannot be guaranteed that user password is the owner’s password and hence it is very essential to secure the information’s integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

 The secrecy of password is human’s frailties. The purpose and intent of the password is negated by the techniques of the user to avoid the password.

The frailties faced by human nature are to forget passwords, to write passwords down, to share passwords, to use common password, stolen passwords, and to avoid password security.

 There is various technical security services are confidentiality, authentication, data integrity, encryption, non-repudiation, accountability, availability etc.

The tool audit analysis checks unauthorized activities for purpose of planning and charge-back. The availability for system resources ensures with redundant systems and communications pathways. The three major non-technical security services for technical security services are administrative security, personnel security, and physical security.

Administrative security involves assure and require operations in compliance with security. Personnel security provides training personnel. Physical security has the process of testing, developing, and executing to recover from loss.


Hence many IT companies have researched on the control of access and protection of data by online system to obtain security solutions which are reliable than username and password mechanism. Because of lax password-only security, data access and theft by unauthorized system is a national epidemic.

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