Crane is a machine that can be used in industries for lifting and lowering the heavy objects and shifts them from one place to another place with in the restricted premises.

In this regard the crane operator has to sit over the mechanism at height, some times due to the physical stress shocks, vibrations, accelerations and un-balanced conditions are taking place such that operators are falling down.

To avoid this problem and to avoid climbing over the crane, the manual operation has been converted to remote operation from the ground thereby improving productivity and safety by dispensing with the need of a ground crew to guide the crane operator from the floor.

Cranes form one of the major items in all kinds of industry. In many places productivity depends on how efficiently the cranes are managed.

Wireless remote control systems have come to acquire a special place in this environment; a wireless remote control system has been commissioned in one of the existing electrically operated traction cranes in the integrated steel plants.

The system installed has greatly increased the operational efficiency of the crane and ensured ‘accident free’ operation. The benefits reaped from the system have compelled other production shops to adopt the new technology.

In this Remote Operated 3-D Crane For Industries project work the system is designed with two main units. The first unit is hand held terminal with inbuilt infrared transmitter is designed with AT89c2051 controller.

The main function of this unit is to collect the operator’s commands from the push keys, the data delivered from the controller is modulated with 38 KHz generated by the timer IC and it is transmitted through infrared LED.

At the other end, a mini model is constructed with mechanical components; all the three movements are produced to make it as 3-D crane through DC motors. The control circuit is designed with ATMEL 89C51 Microcontroller.

The Receiver unit designed with TSOP1738 IR sensor package acquires data from transmitter, based on this data the controller drives the mechanisms through DC motors.


  • Remote control Card
  • 9V Battery
  • 5V Regulator
  • 89C2051 Microcontroller used as Data Transmitter
  • Control Keyboard designed with 6keys
  • 38 KHz Modulator
  • IR TX
  • TSOP 1738 IR Sensor Package
  • Limit Switches used to restrict the mechanical movements
  • Motors control circuit circuit designed with 6 relays
  • DC motor-1 used to drive the horizontal moving mechanism
  • mechanical transmission section -1
  • DC motor-2 used to drive the ‘Y’ direction moving mechanism
  • mechanical transmission section -2
  • DC motor-3 used to lift the container
  • Wheight lifting mechanism coupled with third motor shaft
  • Power Supply Unit