Mobile Operated Scada for Industries Embedded System Project

The main aim of Mobile Operated Scada For Industries Embedded System project is to develop a system, which keeps control of the various equipments, and will control the operation of these equipments in industries. different equipments automatically and to gain the remote access of different units using the Mobile technology.

The system is designed with a micro controller, a temperature sensor, smoke sensor, buzzer, DTMF decoder and a GSM mobile to control Material packaging and boiler sections. This project enables the user to control the process control in industries remotely using a mobile. 

This system employs DTMF decoder to interface mobile with microcontroller. The temperature of boiler is sensed using temperature sensor and is controlled. The presence of fire is detected by smoke sensor and alerts using buzzer. Apart from these processes material packaging system can also be controlled using connection established mobile phone. This project finds its place in industries where process control is needed remotely with some security and authentication. 

This project basically employs a mobile phone for controlling which got interfaced to microcontroller through DTMF decoder. Whenever the user dials from mobile a connection being established, the user can control the packaging and boiler sections from his mobile just by pressing corresponding keys. And also he can enable or disable supervisory and alert systems in industry using his mobile, remotely. 

download Mobile Operated Scada for Industries Embedded System Project .

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