Remote Controlled Electrically Operated Hydraulic Jack

Introduction to HYDRAULIC JACK:

Innovative changes have taken place in Fluid power technology and this is because electronic components are used to control hydraulic components. With the aid of technology, preference is now being given to luxury, comfort and safety. This Mechanical Engineering Final Year project “Remote Controlled Electrically Operated Hydraulic Jack” works on the principle of converting rotational motion of wiper motor into the resulting portion of hydraulic jack machine.

The wiper motor is in a cylindrical cage structure and it delivers maximum power by consuming easily available battery power. Power is available all the time hence it can be withdrawn instantly and safely. Alternate power is used. This mechanism is very useful for use by physically challenged people. This project is used in a wide array of engineering applications.


The project model Remote controlled electrically operated hydraulic jack is placed at the pre-specified points and then connected to the battery. The entire project is remote controlled. Once the buttons of the remote is used, the current flow through the wiper motor wall cause movement in output linkage. This linkage converts motor movement into wiper movement causing the hydraulic jack to move up and down.

The plunger, on which the force is acting, makes the circular pipe to transfer the hydraulic liquid from smaller to larger cylinder and a check valve prevents backflow. This larger cylinder lifts the load and is indicated on the piston of the hydraulic jack as a rise in its mean level. Once it reaches the lift position, it can be stopped and a specific task can be carried out. The pumping unit is equipped with a pressure valve and is automatically operated by central lock actuator.


This project has successfully designed a model which is light-weight and compact in nature and is designed keeping in mind the needs of elder civilian and physically challenged people. The wiper motor used here can be replaced by a stepper motor to reduce cost and weight considerations.

Download Remote Controlled Electrically Operated Hydraulic Jack Project Report and Documentation.

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  1. sir im final year student your project is nice but hoe i can make this project. so give me some video in my gmail

  2. Iam final year student your project is nice but how I can make this project so plz give me some video in my gmail

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