Staff Management System in C++

Project Staff Management System in c++ that prompts the user to choose from a selection of options. The system must be able to store employee id, name, age, address, role and salary preferably in a class or if not in a struct.

The menu must ask the user if they wish to insert an employee into the system, search for an employee via their id number, edit employee details again finding employees must be done via their id number, delete an employee and search for all employees with a wage higher than 20k.

The Staff Management System system must be able to store the employee data but not in a file just in a system so that when you search you can find the information you entered. It would be better if the project uses a class or classes as it is better if the program is oop.

Also it should run in code blocks and should be written in one file not multiple files. Lastly it should be commented to explain what the code is doing in technical terms.

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  1. i am having poeblem deleting an employee that meets the request can i please get the source code will it be emailed to me

  2. awesome can you send me more projects as good an d even better than this one.i would really appreciate it if you did.lastly what if it runs on clion instead of codeblocks???????

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