ECE Project on Introduction to Remote LAN Networks

The remote access to undertake the webs was same as luxury limousines, caviar, and upper class beach resorts present merely to the some of the privileged one. The method of functioning at house was basically not known. Connections were greatly ranged in impact and number. They were mainly limited to some of the well-to-do advocates, finance offices, and area investment offices.

The connections allied for the computing assistances were extensive from branch offices. The concept of automatic connection was ignored by web organizers and their faculty. Logistics resulted since it was not the straightforward topic to give links to automatic places. Installation has been the logistical nightmare forever. Moreover, installations contain the good quantity of function and coordination over the telephone industry and allied data assistances.

 The mainframe is the channel which is connected to the front end processor (FEP) under the PC area. The FEP is linked to the limited-distance or synchronous modem. The synchronous link connects the FEP to the remote controller.

 The synchronous modems connected many remote terminals to the FEP. The dedicated link connected the remote destination by central office of the telephone industry. The controller is connected to the modem including the serial cable and coax is connected to the terminal and controller.


ECE Project on Introduction to Remote LAN Networks is concluded that the remote connection rates were like astronomical and installations and were complicated. Accessories were costly and the personnel needs assistance and service remote links were expensive. The infamous dumb terminals were large and intimidating devices were linked to the allied mainframe over coaxial cable. They even need odd-looking equipment known as controller.

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