Remote Controlled Digital Clock 8051 ECE Final Project

The Remote Controlled Digital Clock 8051 ECE Final Year Engineering Student Project is constructed with RTC DS1307 and AT89C51. This includes great seven sections display. The standard remote function is utilized to modify the Time. The methods to get access for the Time are press power button on the remote to know about new time, press the Numerical buttons to edit the time, and press the Menu button to save the new time.

 This method includes battery backup such that the clock would process while the power is off. To know about the modern PC, we should know about the device ability and we should be aware of internal hardware model or gadgets architecture to know about the number and size of the records.

We make use of microcontroller (89S52) under this project that manages the electronic gadgets by the relay driver (ULN2003). The computer is also used for functioning method. The temperature sensor (DS18S20) detects the temperature. Depending on the temperature, the microcontroller generates the particular result. Hence, this project assists to be in continuous contact with our house atmosphere to make sure of the security of our house.

Download Remote Controlled Digital Clock 8051 ECE Final Project.

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