illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate Android App


The main theme of the project “illit wear – Made easy for Illiterate” is to help illiteracy people, nowadays every individual is using a smartphone then what about illiteracy people who don’t know even how to make a call on a smartphone, how to save and select contacts, only this category of people are unable to use a smartphone efficiently, so we thought to help them by providing an android application which makes calling operation very easy for the illiteracy people by clicking on the image of the person it directs to calling operation. Like this they easily recognize the person’s image, for this education is not required while saving contact we can save with an image with this operation we would like to add some other operations like sharing images, and files.

With this illit wear android application, the smartphone will reach every individual in spite of literate or illiterate and we would like to develop this application by using android studio why because in the world 90% of people are using the android phone when compared to ios, the cost of android mobile is less when compared to ios mobile.


To design an android application that helps illiterate people


illiterate people should not face problems while operating basic features in smartphones.


To build an application that makes users recognize the images for calling, sharing data on a smartphone

Existing System

The application will only deal with the name of the contact person. In this case, illiterate people will face a problem with calling a person.

Proposed System

Our application helps people to recognize a contact person with an image and also helps to share images via the internet without any difficulty.




System Requirements

  • Android Studio
  • Minimum java (JDK 1.7)

Output Results:


With this application, the smartphone will reach every individual spite of literate or illiterate.

Here Students can download the illit wear – Made easy for the Illiterate android app complete project documentation.

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