Academic Project Management System Java & MySQL Project

The design and development of the Academic Project Management system are to provide a complete student academic project submission system. It is an online-based web application where students can submit their final year project works like project code, project reports, review-wise paper presentations, etc through the online system.

In this Academic Project Management project, the main users are Students, Project guides, and Administrators. This application was completely developed with Java & MySQL databases.

Students can download this full project code, report, and PPT and deploy it in your local system to get some knowledge about how to make an Academic Project Management project for their academic project reference purpose.


Academic Project Management is an issue faced by multiple educational institutes in India.

This is due to the absence of an automated system.

College faculty members manually gather all the project reports and inputs from students and store them physically at specific locations.

To overcome this practical problem and to make ease the process, a secure web application must be developed. 


  • To reduce the physical effort of maintaining CDs and documentation.
  • To ensure all necessary documents are submitted on time.
  • To establish transparency between guides and their teams.
  • To allow ease in monitoring and issuing of suggestions.
  • To enable secure login and authentication of students


  • Generally, a non-automated approach is followed.
  • The students are required to form teams that are placed under the guidance of an Internal Guide.
  • The Project Coordinators ensure projects are completed on time and meet all the requirements and regulations.
  • The heads of the Departments provide valuable suggestions and comments.
  • Students require approval from the above-mentioned.
  • The project documents and reports are physically stored


  • Utilizing the web application, the entire flow can be automated so that the students need not submit any soft and hard copies of the project and the college need not maintain all the collected records.
  • All the coordinators and guides can review the process and project, and appraise with approvals or disapprovals through an automated system.
  • They can also provide feedback.
  • The system makes it easier to assess deadlines and submissions.



  • Students can log in and post all the project details and view project details online.
  • Change your own profile details.
  • Encrypted login.
  • Upload project details, documents, and reports.
  • View all project documents.
  • View and update project status.
  • Receive feedback.

Internal Guide:

  • The internal guide can view the project documents, abstracts, reports, results, and codes. They have command of the projects which are allocated to them for monitoring. They can approve/disapprove project inputs.

Project Coordinators: 

  • They are required to ensure all project developers meet deadlines and submit quality projects that have been approved by the internal guides.
  • View project documents, reports, and results.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Approve/disapprove projects or documents.
  • View project progress and status


  • HoD plays a vital role in academic projects posted by students
  • View project details.
  • Approve/disapprove project details.
  • Project feedback.
  • Add College information to display on the dashboard.

Activity Diagram:


  • The Academic Project Management application provides secured login and authentication to the users.
  • Students can upload, modify and view documents.
  • The process of submitting project reports and getting approval has been made easier via the online web application.
  • The coordinators have the ease to provide feedback and guidelines to the students, the progress is also monitored.
  • A chat module can be attached to provide a seamless interaction between students and faculty.
  • A notification system to inform deadlines and announcements can be added.

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