Sales Management System for Hypermarkets PHP & MySQL Project


A sales management system for hypermarkets is a web project developed with PHP & MySQL Database. It is a DBMS-based Project,  Supermarket store is an Indian retail store operating as a chain of hypermarkets. It is one of the largest and oldest hypermarkets in India, with more than 150 stores in more than 60 cities and towns across the country. It includes food, clothing and fashion, furniture, electronics, stationery, cosmetics, kitchen and kitchen utensils, and many other categories.


  • Sales Details by Store / Region / State
  • Revenue/sales analysis
  • Details of the store, ie numbers, area, address
  • List of undelivered orders
  • List of payments made or expected to be distributed to distributors
  • Calculation of benefits by date/month/season
  • Maintains detailed inventory.
  • Track store order shipments
  • Purchased stock, if the number is less than a certain number and calculate the income for a month

ER Diagram:


  • Sales management
  • Income analysis
  • inventory management
  • Delivery management
  • Analytics by category
  • Advanced magazine search
  • Improved reports


  • xampp installation
  • Cloning this repository within xampp / htdocs
  • Read the superstore.sql file to configure the database


  • ADMINISTRATORS: Responsible for centralized management of stores and distributors
  • DISTRIBUTORS: Distributors are responsible for store orders.
  • STORE: Located in different parts of the country.
  • STORE ADMINISTRATOR: Participates in-store management and sales


  • It can be used in a centralized management department for large pages.
  • Reseller Dashboard helps you manage store orders and update store order details such as invoices, deliveries, and payments.
  • The Store Manager dashboard contains basic apps for managing your store’s inventory while maintaining customer interaction.
  • The administration panel helps the management team of large stores to keep all stores in the region in one central interface.


In developing this Sales Management System for Hypermarkets PHP & MySQL Project, we learned a lot about working with HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / MySQL and database management, as well as how to make the app user-friendly (easy to use and manage) by hiding its complex parts.
During the development process, we carefully studied and understood the criteria for creating the required software, as well as the importance of maintaining a minimum error rate.

Download the complete Hypermarket Sales Management System PHP & MySQL Project Source code, Report.

For more details about the project visit this page

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