Alumni Management Portal for Educational Institutions PHP Project

This Alumni Management Portal project aims to develop a platform for the Educational Institutions to maintain communication between faculty, alumni, and students. The main objective of this PHP & MySQL web application is to enhance or improve employability opportunities for students, organize alumni lectures and events, and increase networking skills and opportunities for students.


Our Institutional Alumni Management Portal project is a web-enabled application through which administrators, students, and alumni will be able to continuously communicate. For this, we need an application that is user-friendly. The needs of all three users of the portal should be covered.

Administrators can log in, maintain, verify and manage alumni and student records, and create events and group chats. Administrators can also generate reports in excel and pdf format and view placement statistics of the institute. Once an event is created, all the alumni and students registered on the portal will receive emails automatically.

Alumni can log in, register, update their details, view events, participate in group chats, and post job opportunities and materials. Students can log in, register, view details of alumni, register for events, download materials posted by alumni, job materials posted by alumni, and participate in group chats with other alumni and students.

The below figure shows and explains the Architecture Diagram of the Alumni Management Portal website.

Architecture Diagram of Alumni Management Portal


To build a responsive Educational Institutions Alumni web application to manage and track students and alumni of an educational institute and build a portal that facilitates continuous communication.

Organization of Project

We have three modules in our project.

● Admin
● Alumni
● Student

Alumni management portals can be used by educational institutes to maintain and manage records of alumni and students of the respective institute in an efficient manner. It leads to better outcomes in terms of student placement opportunities, and knowledge transfer and improves the structure of communication between current students and alumni thereby increasing networking skills and opportunities.

In traditional methods where student data is manually stored, a lot of time is wasted doing redundant and repetitive work. Here storing data, statistics, and report generation all are automated. Furthermore, there is no need for paperwork since everything is done online and stored in a refined database.

The output screenshot of the project explains about “Test case check whether the admin is able to view all users”

All Users List of Alumni Management Portal Project

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