Smart Colony Automation ECE Project


The development of a country depends on the City and village’s development. As part of the smart colony  concept, we need a system that helps in development of city  in the areas like which have authorized entry using RFID system at entry gate to colony gate, and the system will have auto street lights system to switch on the lights in night and OFF them at day time and automatic  garden watering system based on soil moisture monitoring,  garbage bin which has automatic door system to prevent the fly’s around it, and  home automation system which can control the lights and fans from our android application in mobile.

The entire Smart Colony Automation system is controlled with Atmega 328 microcontroller which has connected RFID , moisture sensor , LDR sensor, Wi-Fi module which will control the home appliance over android application, the entire system works on 12V DC power supply.


Smart Colony Automation ECE Project


Hardware Components used

  • Arduino Uno board
  • RFID Reader
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • LDR sensor
  • Lights
  • Servo motor
  • Water pump
  • Relay


  • Gated community colony
  • Hospitals
  • Colony’s

Travel and Events Portal Website Development

Project Statement:

Need to develop a travel and events portal website to provide users different tours and travel packages depending upon their interests.

It will allow users to register and search through various tours which will be displayed on the website. Tours related info will be managed by admin panel in the back end and will be dynamic.

Search will also be location-based and package based. Admin panel will be provided to manage locations, regions, packages, and tours as per search are done by the user.

Once a user searches through the related info he or she will request a quote and email will be sent. Either user or travel admin will follow up.

The request form will capture all important info like Email, name, number, etc. If hotels are also being planned then we will also include a related field in the request form. 

Basically, we will manage it basing:

Places to enjoy
Weekend Plans
Recommended Tours 

It will basically have two logins:

Admin and User.

Admin will manage all back end data. Will update tours, packages, destinations, locations, weekends plans, etc.

These all will be seen by the user in the front end. So the project will be basically divided into Front end website and back end admin panel for managing data.

Website Structure:

1. Application & General Site:

Welcome screen with the option to register/sign in
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

Company Profile
About Us

2. Admin pages:
Admin panel login and forgot password option

Manage Enquiry Requests 

Manage Blogs
Manage tours
Manage packages
Manage Destinations
Manage weekend plans
Manage Recommended tours
Manage Customers 
Manage Bookings 

3. Quality Control:

At the end of the development cycle, you will have a properly functioning and quality assured site.

By ensuring implementation of the following points we maintain quality in the products we deliver.

  • W3C validated semantic HTML code
  • Well commented and indented PHP code
  • Proper escaping of user entered data to prevent XSS, CSRF and other security issues
  • Optimized database tables
  • Minified CSS, JS and optimized images for faster loading
  • Implementation of meta tags, descriptions, open graph tags for help in SEO

4. Search Engine Optimization:

All the below points will be implemented for making the site on page SEO ready:

Search Engine Friendly Code i.e. H1-H6 and Meta Tags, ALT Tag for images, etc.

Page Title and Page description

sitemap page


DIV Based Code (Table Less)

Friendly URLs, such as, etc.

Keywords, Meta Description Placement

Custom Design 404 Error Page

Organized and Commented Code

Faster website loading and good speed score


Task / Modules Page


Initial Planning and Design


Primary Database Design


Responsive HTML Design of All Pages


Front End Section


Landing activity for the welcome screen along with login/register option
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

Company Profile
About Us

Search Criteria
Packages selections
Destination selections
Places to enjoy selections
Weekend Plans selections
Recommended Tours selections 


Admin Panel 


User management
Tours, Destinations, Places to Enjoy, Weekend tours management

Manage categories and subcategories

Manage bookings 

Manage blogs and Enquiry requests  


Testing & Bug Fixing 


Web service, DB Design, Architecture, and deployment 

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Football Prediction Android App Project

Project Statement:

To design and develop a Football Prediction Android mobile app for Android / IOS platforms which will provide betting tips for football matches.

The option will be there to buy credits and look out for suggested Gold Boom tips and VIP tips. Free daily tips will also be provided to any player who has installed the app. Bet tips will be loaded from back end Admin panel.

The option will be provided for checking the match analysis and understand the tips, and then form a strategy.  It will load games that are about to start or already running and we can also sort it as per preferences. And provide tips for related games.

User Types:

  • Admin
  • Customer

The app will have the following features:

Home Grid
App Icon design
Boom Gold Tips
Free Daily Tips
Top Match Analysis
Super Bonus Tips
Rate Us
Betting Strategy
About Us
Privacy Policy
Contact us
Customer Login / Account
Credits payment gateway integration
Admin Panel

Module Details:


Task / Modules Page


Initial Planning and Design


Primary Database Design


Admin Panel
Back end designs for below modules
Tips → Boom Gold tips, Free daily tips, Super Bonus Tips all these three will be managed dynamically from admin panel
Customer mgmt →  will handle customer registrations who will pay for getting the Gold and Bonus tips.
Payment gateway and credits
Transactions → will be for managing the transactions done by the customer for paying and getting credits
Credits to manage credits in a customer account

Match Analysis mgmt
Membership plans


Rate Us
Betting Strategy
About Us
Privacy Policy
Contact us
Login / Logout

Match Analysis


Web Services & DB architecture management with deployment 

Choice of Technology:

Dot net MVC with ASP and SQL Server as server-side programming language and database or Php side programming and MySQL 


Android: Java  (Android v 6.1 and higher)
iOS: Swift 6.0.1 (Native and supporting iOS 11 and above)

We need to purchase API related to all football leagues that are happening, which we will integrate.

Dynamically Time Table Generation System Project

The main objective of this Time Table Generation System project is to update the time table dynamically on a particular day.

There are many situations where a particular period might be wasted because that respective subject lecturer might be busy in some other important work. So, we are coming with an idea to recover the period without getting wasted.

Our automatically time table generation application gathers information about all the lecturers with their respective courses semester wise. We will be sending a request to remaining lecturers dealing that class.

So, that they can accept or reject the request to attend that particular class. The lecturer who accepts the request will be allotted the class and for the remaining lecturers, we will be sending another notification that the class is allotted to that particular lecturer.

Lecturers who are handling multiple courses, their information must also be collected. So, by this procedure, the class will be allocated to the lecturer who accepts the request.

Therefore, the student will be benefitted without getting their period wasted and also the faculty members can get involved in their respective works.

Design Diagrams:

Data Flow Diagram Zero Level

Data Flow Diagram Zero Level

Data Flow Diagram First Level
Data Flow Diagram First Level

Output Screens:

Time Table Generation Page
Time Table Generation Page
Time Table Generation System Home Page
Time Table Generation System Home Page
View Time Table page
View Time Table page

Download the Dynamically Time Table Generation System Java & MySQL Project  Source Code and Database files.

Mobile Based Student Feedback System


This Student Feedback System project is to develop a mobile-based application which is very useful to maintain feedback reports by the administrator.

Provides a student to give feedback for the teaching of a lecturer in a mobile-based system online.

Evaluates the answer given by the students based on the feedback which will be given by a number 1 to 5.

Delivers feedback via student lecture interface which acts as a service provider.
Provides an overall report of the feedback helping the students to give suggestions about where a faculty is lagging.

Provides individual rating of the faculty in a particular semester which will help the management in making salary appraisal decisions.

Existing System:

The present Student Feedback .Net Project has no application to provide communication between the student and lecturer through the mobile.

So far, this as only taken place in online websites but there is no application developed for communication by giving apps predefined methods.


The entries will take up manually which is a time-consuming process.
Inconsistency in data entry.
Lack of security.
Data may be lost.


  • Admin
  • Student
  • Management

Hardware Requirements:

System: Intel i3 3rd generation
Hard Disk: 40GB

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10
Coding language: Java, MySQL
Tool kit: Android SDK
IDE: Android Studio




In general, the admin will maintain the entire administration like authorization, authentication, permissions, history tracking, and troubleshooting, etc., and he can view the final feedback report.


A student can give feedback to their respective department staff members and also give messages and comments to the staff of the particular department.


The management can view their own comments and rating criteria given by the students. They can view the total evaluated feedback.

The existing Java-based college feedback project has very less scope for both the student and Admin.

Proposed System

In this student feedback system project, we are proposing the new form of technology to get communication between student and lecturer.

With this, the student can successfully submit feedback on lecturer’s teaching in a very efficient and convenient manner.

By using this technology we can provide fast feedback about the college lecturers by the students on time at anywhere from any place by just log in from their valid account.

Output Results:

Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Registration form
Feedback details
Feedback details
Admin Student Page to Login
Admin Student Page to Login
Login Page
Login Page for Both Admin & Student


Download the attached Student Feedback System android app project Source code.