Online Student Feedback System Project Synopsis

The purpose of Online Student Feedback System is to provide Periodical feedback by students about the course conduction.


“Online Student Feedback System” is generally used by four kinds of users:

1. Admin
2. Student
3. Staff (faculty of each course)
4. Coordinators (M.Tech, M.Sc., MCA)
5. Chairman

  • Each user has their own login id and password.
  • All of these users are to be provided different access rights.
  • Chairman and Admin will be able to view the statistics generated by the system.
  • Faculty will provide access to students for giving feedback
  • Students will fill in the feedback form.

Project Detailed Description:

Semester beginning

Ist month:

  • At the beginning of the semester coordinators enter list of the courses and faculties.
  • Faculty will create list of students in the course.

Month 2 to end of the semester:

  • Each faculty will give permission to students (who have regularly attended the classes) in the course to provide the feedback.
  • Students will login and give the feedback (they will fill the feedback form).
  • Preparation of statistics by the system
  • For each course, for each question, find the percentage of the students who ticked on ‘just right’
  • Overall statistics can be mailed to admin and Chairman month after month.

Initial stage:

1. Creating the login-id:

  • Admin will give the login id and password for the faculty and the coordinators.
  • All other users, Faculties will all register into the system, once.
  • When a student gets admitted they will be provided login and password to register into the system.
  • Login id of the students could be their register numbers (which is available at the time of admission)

2. Different permission for different users:


  • The faculty will create the list of the students who opted the course.
  • At the end of each month, Faculty will give the permission to student who are regular, to give the feedback for that course during that month.

Students :

  • Students can register to the system.
  • At the end of every month, when the student login, they get to know the list of courses for which they can provide feedback. They complete the feedback.

Coordinators :

  • At the beginning of the semester, prepare the course list and the corresponding faculty

Chairman and Admin :

They have the permission to see the overall statistics prepared by the system, using the feedback forms submitted by the students.


Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Windows 8.
  • Primary Memory: 2 GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk: 100 GB.
  • The above specified requirements are the minimum required to run the application

Software Requirements

  • Language used: Visual Basic (VB)
  • Database: M.S.Access
  • Platform : windows 8
  • Tools used: Visual Studio 2010.


The “Online Student Feedback System” will be helpful for the students as well as the Chairman. Students are free to express their opinion on the course conduction and Chairman has the opportunity to know the manner in which the courses are conducted and perhaps advise the faculty in case the feedback is not satisfactory.

Download this Online Student Feedback System .Net Project Synopsis Code and Database Files.

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