Online Course Portal for a Campus or Organization

The main aim of this Virtual Campus Management project is to provide a Online Course Portal for a Campus/ Organization :

Modules :

1. Administrator Module
2. Application Module – Student
3. Biometrics Based Authentication System.
4. Student Feedback System & Test Assessment Module.
5. Placement Co-ordination and Career Counselling

Module Description :

1) Administrator Module & Circular Automation :

In this module, the various different master tables to be created namely
a. Student Master
b. Faculty Master
c. Course Master.
d. Course Content Master
e. Questions & Answers Master etc are created.

The various attributes and specific characteristics of each master are created to accommodate the minute details pertaining to each entity.

The various functionalities like Addition, Deletion, Edit and Update Functionalities are
implemented to manage the master tables records.

The various Courses and Course Content are added in order facilitate the subsequent Modules.
The circular to be sent to all the different departments can be automated in this module.

The important notifications can be done typed in the pre-designed Text area and it is
Can be saved as per the date and Circular volume numbers. It can also be automated to
be sent to the various recipients.

2) Application Module – Student & Faculty :

In this module, I create the GUI for students and Faculties to apply for the course work and to for the Performance Testing Function. The Form and corresponding database design is created in such a way that the students can apply for the appropriate functionalities by using this Application modules. The Faculty can choose to opt for any course. With the choice of Course work not taken up the any other faculty , the faculty can apply for a definite course of his/her choice subjected to the approval of the Administator (H.O.D / Principal) .

3) Faculty Approval Module & Upload and Download Module for Course :

The Faculty who have applied for course have to be approved the concerned Administrative Personnel. This course selection process has to be authenticated by the administrator who will happen to be H.O.D or Principal who has the administrator login access to this authentication procedure. Once the approval is done that particular course is not available to be taken any other faculties.

The upload and download functionalities which facilitate faculties to upload the Course Contents required for a course and the subsequent process of downloading those content by the corresponding student are implemented in this module. We use specialized functionalities like File Upload Controls to implement file transfer between the Client and Server.

The corresponding Login for Students and Faculties are implemented and the database of the documents available for download are maintained.

4) Biometrics Based Authentication System :

In this module, the finger print recognition process is implemented to authenticate Online Testing process. Either JPEG or GIF files are used are the finger print image input data .User’s scanned finger print images are stored in the database. While key generation for DES algorithm this input finger print images used for key generation. Key will be generated for both existing and new users.

Key Generation Process

Des key for verifying users is generated using the given finger print image. The key is 56 bit binary information. These binary bits are generated using fingerprint images.

Interface for Student to prove his/her Identity :

A java swing based GUI interface is developed in this module. The user can select their electoral parties from this GUI, then they submit their acceptance. This information is forwarded to the voting encoding process module.

5) Student Feedback System & Test Assessment Module.

In this Course Portal the course that has been taken up by the student is tested for learning and retention of the concepts by implementing Testing and Assessment module. In this module the objective type question is given for performance evaluation by creating appropriate GUI to enable using mouse to navigate from one questions.
The evaluation methods gives scoring to the examinee depends on the number of answers that are correct and also based on the difficulty of the questions.
The Student Feedback on the Subject taught by the Course In charge is also provisioned to be posted in the Module. The suitable Text area control is used enabling the student to post his/her comments.

6.Placement Co-ordination and Career Counselling :

In this module, the links and information pertaining to the Company interview that are going to be conducted in and out of campus are updated regularly by the placement division. The various information of the companies and type of Placement procedures are noted down module. Also, separate pages for careers counseling and details pertaining the improvement for aptitude skills are updated.

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