Report Generating System Web Application

Project Abstract 

Title Of Project: Report Generating System (Web Application)

Introduction: This Report Generating System project is an In-house web application for Private or Government Research Organisations, where the Scholars, Research people would login with their credentials and fill their required form, Which would be stored in a local Database and a report would be generated which would give the summary of the form filled with their respective Name and Signature.

Project Analysis: This Web Application consists of the following modules

1. Login with respective credentials ( Using Microsoft’s Active Directory Technology for authenticating)
2. Form Filling Using HTML, CSS
3. Server Side Programming using JAVA, MySQL
4. Report Generating using HTML

Login with Respective Credentials Module:

In this Module we create a general login page and use Active Directory to authenticate credentials.
To be made using HTML5 forms and styled using CSS3

Form Filling Using HTML, CSS Module:

After Logging in, we will generate a home page giving options to 4 forms. Which after selecting will be directed to the form filling page (Independent). Here, different fields will be filled and would be directed to the Database (Using MySQL).

Server Side Programming using JAVA, MySQL Module:

Server Side Programming in JAVA to direct and forms to Database (Using MySQL) and fetch the Login credentials to generate a digital signature of the Scientist.

Report Generating using HTML Module:

Report has to be generated of all the information filled in the forms. Into another independent web page using JAVA and html.

Software Requirements :

Operating System : Linux/Windows/ MacOS
Technology : HTML, CSS, AD, JAVA, MySQL
Web Server : Tomcat 7
Database : Oracle 10g Express Edition
Software’s : JAVA, Microsoft AD

Hardware Requirements :

Hardware : P4 and above.
RAM : 1 GB

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