Automatic Call-Answering Application Synopsis

In present scenario the mobile phone has become the integrated part of the life. No one wants to miss any call whatever he is doing. But sometimes you are forced not to use your mobile such as during driving.

During driving you got a call and just in front of you is traffic police, you at least want to receive the call and tell that you will call after few minutes or any message for specific person but you can’t .In this situation our application is going to help you.

You can record some audio in your phone using the voice recorder. When you get any call the application comes to know from which number the call has come and then according to the person it plays the relevant audio, i.e. you can record some three or four different audio files according your requirements. When any call comes it plays the relevant audio for that particular person.

You have to load the application sis file to the cell phone. It will continuously run in the background. The application will be in the running mode. The application continuously listens for the incoming calls. Whenever there is a call, it finds from which number the call has come and then it plays the audio.

Product Features

  • The application is running in the background.
  • You can start the application or close the application whenever you want.
  • The application works even when the SIM card is changed, i.e. it works for the mobile phone on which the sis file is installed.


  • Works only while the cell phone is ON.


Software Specification

The project requires the following software’s to compile and run:

  • For installing Symbian in our Computer we need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.
  • In addition to Symbian we need to install third party softwares, i.e. “jre1.3” and “perl”.
  • A Symbian Emulator.
  • The project has been developed using Symbian C++.
  • Any operating System like Windows-XP/2000/NT.
  • Symbian OS
  • Symbian toolkit
  • Symbian c++

Hardware Specification

Intel Pentium- 700MHz or an equivalent/higher processor:

  • 128MB RAM.
  • 600MB of Hard Disk space.
  • CD drives for software installation.
  • USB Bluetooth adapter for communication.
  • A Symbian OS enabled cell phone (Series 60 2nd edition cell phones like 6600, 7610, N72 etc.)
  • Another cell phone to make a call. This cell phone could have any OS in it.

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  1. Will u provide the source code for the automatic call answering system in Java. Please send it to my mail, I’ll need it plz.

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