Mobile Based Student Feedback System


This Student Feedback System project is to develop a mobile-based application which is very useful to maintain feedback reports by the administrator.

Provides a student to give feedback for the teaching of a lecturer in a mobile-based system online.

Evaluates the answer given by the students based on the feedback which will be given by a number 1 to 5.

Delivers feedback via student lecture interface which acts as a service provider.
Provides an overall report of the feedback helping the students to give suggestions about where a faculty is lagging.

Provides individual rating of the faculty in a particular semester which will help the management in making salary appraisal decisions.

Existing System:

The present Student Feedback .Net Project has no application to provide communication between the student and lecturer through the mobile.

So far, this as only taken place in online websites but there is no application developed for communication by giving apps predefined methods.


The entries will take up manually which is a time-consuming process.
Inconsistency in data entry.
Lack of security.
Data may be lost.


  • Admin
  • Student
  • Management

Hardware Requirements:

System: Intel i3 3rd generation
Hard Disk: 40GB

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10
Coding language: Java, MySQL
Tool kit: Android SDK
IDE: Android Studio




In general, the admin will maintain the entire administration like authorization, authentication, permissions, history tracking, and troubleshooting, etc., and he can view the final feedback report.


A student can give feedback to their respective department staff members and also give messages and comments to the staff of the particular department.


The management can view their own comments and rating criteria given by the students. They can view the total evaluated feedback.

The existing Java-based college feedback project has very less scope for both the student and Admin.

Proposed System

In this student feedback system project, we are proposing the new form of technology to get communication between student and lecturer.

With this, the student can successfully submit feedback on lecturer’s teaching in a very efficient and convenient manner.

By using this technology we can provide fast feedback about the college lecturers by the students on time at anywhere from any place by just log in from their valid account.

Output Results:

Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Feedback on Teachers performance
Student Registration form
Feedback details
Feedback details
Admin Student Page to Login
Admin Student Page to Login
Login Page
Login Page for Both Admin & Student


Download the attached Student Feedback System android app project Source code.

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This Mobile Based Student Feedback System developed by using the Software & Hardware technologies.

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