Women’s Complaint Cell Project Abstract


Growing violence against women is a major area of concern for the women development agencies. In most of the cases victims are deprived of their legal rights and protections available in the law due to ignorance of legal procedures and apprehensions.

This Women’s Complaint Cell project aims to provide legal and  medical aid plus counseling to women victims of violence. Initially four complaint cells are being established for the appropriate and timely disposal of complaints and speedy access to justice by victims.

The Complaint  Cells will be equipped with legal advisors, sociologists and supporting staff. The cells will operate under the supervision of a Lady Provincial Consultant, who has the relevant experience of judicial procedures in the cases of violence against women.

To address the major issues of “Awareness” in the combat of violence against women, awareness raising seminars/workshops were conducted which were largely attended by the members of civil society, personnel of the law enforcement agencies and heads of district governments.

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