Job Satisfaction of the Employees Project


Job satisfaction of the employees is important if the employees are satisfied then only the organization can function smoothly increases its production, faces competition. If employees are satisfied with their job they will carry a positive attitude. Hence the study has been undertaken to assess the employee job satisfaction which is necessary for the organization in order to make sound decisions.


1. To understand the job satisfaction levels of employees at Heritage foods india ltd.
2. To study the training and development programs.
3. To analyze the factors that impacts on the job satisfaction levels of employees.


The job satisfaction refers to a person’s feeling of satisfaction on their job. It is different from person to person. The researcher has chosen to measure the level of job satisfaction in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LIMITED.


• Population is the aggregate of objects animate and in animate, under study in any statistical investigation.
• The population for the study here was employees in Met life.


The sample size includes 100 employees who are working in the HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD.


The study is limited to the policies and practices being followed in HERITAGE FOODS LTD, get the complete data, in view of its classified nature of the organization.

  • Time factor is the main constraint for the study as it was restricted only to eightnine weeks.
  • Sampling error is not taken into consideration.
  • The information given by the sample frame is thought accurate by researcher.
  • As the method adopted is Random Sampling, result may not be accurate and believable.
  • As the sample size is 100, whole of the facts could not be collected.
  • The findings of the study are confined only to the question asked in the questionnaire and through personal interviews.

The study has been carried in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD only.


  • Morality of the respondents doesn’t have freedom to take decisions. This shows centralization in structure
  • Employees feel that they are very important person in the deportment, which shows their level of commitment.
  • Employees in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD can see themselves in a better position in near future which indicates the carrier growth on the company.
  • Company successful in providing good working conditions.
  • Megacity of the respondents feels that they are under paid.
  • Employees in the HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD have good relationship with their peers, superiors and sub-ordinates.
  • All most all the employees have positive attitude of the management towards security as employees feel highly secured in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD.
  • Half of the Employees are not satisfied with the personal development.
  • Employees in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD are satisfied with the company policies and procedures.
  • Employees in all dept are well planned while performing their activities.
  • On the whole employees in HERITAGE FOODS INDIA LTD have Job Satisfaction the contributing factors for their satisfaction are good relationship,
  • Working conditions, Company polices and other benefits.


  • As employees feel that they doesn’t have freedom to take decision Which affects job satisfaction adversely, employees should have Some degree of freedom decisions at their workplace.
  • Some employees have low level of commitment has they feel they are not much important in the dept they can explained how important there in the deportment.
  • Some of the employees felt that their skills are not utilized completely; proper measure can be taken job design and placement.
  • As more than half of the people not satisfy their personal development, company may provide carrier development programmers were people can achieve their
    personal and propositional goals.

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