Project Report on Operating System for CSE Final Year Students

Introduction to Operating System Project:

Operating system means it is a system OS which maintains and manages the system functionality by guiding the hardware. It is also called as set of programs that control the hardware.Some examples of operating systems are UNIX, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Windows/NT, Chicago, OS/2, MacOS, VMS, MVS, and VM. There are some services likeKernel services, library services, and application-level services these are all part of an operating system. Kernel provides path to the peripheral device it’s also responds to the calls and invoke the devices according to the call. It can terminate a executing process according to the resource requested.

Objectives of operating system:

  The details at back end are hidden by abstraction mechanism.

 To allocate a process to the resource depending priority.

  To provide a pleasant and effective user interface.

The Process may be defined as work in unity. The process has many definitions

The program which is executing           

The activities which are asynchronous

The procedures which are animated mode

The process for which processor is assigned

Process termination unit

The process can be defined as a work that is to be done according to the CPU instructions. The process has following properties.

  Program counter values are included.

  Register processor contents

 The variable values are included

  The process stack contains subroutine parameter, Temporary data, return address and temporary variables.

 Global values are included in the process

Process State:

The process state consists of everything that required resuming a Resume a process they are as follows.

Program for the code is included.

Static data of the program.

 Dynamic data of the program.

  Stack can call program procedure.

 General purpose registers contents.

 The program counters content are included

  Program status of word are included

Resources of the operating system that are in use.

Download  Project Report on Operating System for CSE Final Year Students.

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