Digital Signatures Final Year Project

Project Name: Digital Signatures

Now a day, networks are facing a problem called security. This Digital Signatures Final Year Project mainly deals with the development of the security features there by allowing the users as well as the network organizations to keep track of the intrusions and thereby enhancing the security features.

          This application allows keeping the information out of the hands of the unauthorized people which is called security.

It provides                                




                   Data integrity

Digital Signatures are used to provide security at the time of data transfer. Digital signature is a hash value produced by a hash function using DSA algorithm.

This project has focused on the areas of the security problems that are being arisen in networks.  This provides secrecy, no repudiation, authentication and data integrity.

Scope of the project is       

  • Make if available across other platform, without inflicting changes in the code.
  • It can be GUI presented, and allow handling of events through mouse.
  • New modules can be designed, without effecting existing modules. 

This project has been developed keeping in view of the security features that need to be implemented in the networks following the fulfillment of these objectives:

          To develop an application that deals with the security threats those arise in the network.      

          To enable the end-users as well as the organizations come out with the safe messaging communication without any threats from the intruders of unauthorized people.

          To deal with the four inter-twined areas of the network security name Security, Authentication, Non-repudiation, Integrity. 


OPERATING SYSTEM           :                  Windows XP

DATABASE SERVER             :                  Oracle 9i

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE   :                  Java

FRAME WORK                    :                  Swing

FRONT END TOOL               :                  J2SDK 1.5

DOCUMENTATION TOOL       :                  M. S. WORD

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