Hostel Management System Asp.Net Project Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Hostel Management System Asp.Net Project Report:

The aim of Hostel Management System project is to maintain the maintain the all activities in managing a hostel. The project is developed by Microsoft visual studio and, SQL as back end server data-base. The number of hostels is increased rapidly due to this maintaining the hostel became very difficult. So to avoid all the troubles in maintaining the hostel this management system was developed. The software is completely GUI interface with simple instructions. The software includes Student module, Admin module, Student details module.

The drawbacks that are overcome by the existing system are:

  • The human errors can be avoided
  • · The work task and work load of man can be reduced
  • · Security of this system is high
  • · In this redundancy of data can be avoided
  • · Consistent in the data
  • · Very easy to maintain
  • · The data can be updated very easily
  • · The records can be stored easily
  • · The data can be restored from the back up

Requirements Engineering:

Requirements engineering includes the below stated operations


Technical feasibility
Operational feasibility
Economical feasibility



               The analysis is made when the manager begins studying the program flow. The data about various views are collected. To draw the data-flow system, modeling Experience is required for developing desired model. This project includes checking out of rooms, allocating rooms, calculating hostel bill, vacating rooms, management of notice board details. The modules in this system are User module and Admin module.

Admin module:

  • Admin login
  • Registration
  • Allocation
  • Vocate
  • Hostelbill 

Student Module :

  • User login
  • View notice board

User Login: 

This module allows different users to access the registration forms.

            User can view the details about notice board.

The Administrator can:                                           

1. He can allot students to the hostel.

2. He can vacate the students form the hostel.

3. Control the status of the fee payment.

4. Edit the details of the students & modify the student records.

Download  Hostel Management System Asp.Net Project Report for Final Year Students.

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