CSE Final Year Project on Image Security

CSE-Final-Year-Project-on-Image-SecurityThis project Cryptography image security projects main idea is to develop a new algorithm for protecting image, and video security on web. This project is can useful for CSE Final year students who are interested in developing online security related projects.

As the usage of online network is increasing in our daily life content morphing is growing rapidly among them image and video sharing is one of the important concerns, security had became a big challenging task for developers. Developing this application can provide security for image and video on web.

Networks and wireless or mobile public channels. Image security is a major challenge in storage and transmission applications. For example, video surveillance systems for homeland security purposes are used to monitor many strategic places such as public transportation, commercial and financial centers. Large amounts of videos and images with private information are generated, transmitted, or restored every day. In addition, medical images with a patient’s records may be shared among the doctors in different branches of a health service organization over networks for different clinical purposes.

Image and video transitions are commonly seen in network and wireless mobile channels. There are many fields like homeland security, Education, finance, Healthcare where data is more important, But in this fields private information in the form of images and videos have no security so there is plenty of chances of misusing this information. In the same way there are many fields where private information in the form of images and videos are generated and stored in to database. Because of this issue fashion, designing industry is losing lot of revenue every year.

Government and business individuals are looking to protect their private image and video data. This application will provide solution for this problem by implementing a new concept called image encryption. Using this method each image and video will be encrypted in to a different format. With this feature image and videos can get life time protection.

download Project Report and paper presentation of  CSE Final Year Project on Image Security.

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