Electronic Banking Management Project Report for MBA Students

Introduction to Electronic Banking Management Project:

Generally electronic bank means people think that is twenty four hours availability for money access through ATM, withdrawing or transferring money and saving accounts. The electronic bank service include like transferring money and checking your accounts and also replacing the paper transactions. Electronic fund transfer is done through the cards that will access to your account with the codes. Financial companies use ATM debit cards for this purpose. There are some consumer transactions that are covered by the EFT acts.

Electronic banking service:

For the people who want to save the time and money the electronic banking made it possible for that type of customers. The people withdraw their money at any time any place without going to bank and waiting for long time. All this obstacles are overcome by maintaining auto banking the following transactions can be done in that bank. 

  • Withdrawing the cash
  • Depositing of money and cheques can be done.
  •  Balance details can be easily getted
  • You can check mini statements
  • Money can be transferred from your account

Online Banking Services:

The bank service is made possible through sitting from home and providing comfort. Mobile banking also came into use via internet. The following transactions can be made.

  • Information regarding balance can be known
  • Payments of the accounts can be made
  • Money can be transferred internally
  • Information regarding last five transaction can be known
  • For mobiles recharge can be done
  • The limit of  drafts can be increased or decreased.

Telephone Banking Services:

The banking can be done through telephone 24-hours seven days.Banking services through telephone are

  • You can make payments
  • Money transferring between linked accounts can be done
  • Information of recent transaction can know via fax
  • Balance can be checked
  • Limit of the drafts can be decreased or increased
  • Mobiles can be recharged

Internet Banking:

By the help of internet banking the work can be done from the home itself via internet. Some of services provided are

  • There has facility to get statements
  • Payments of the accounts can be made
  • The payment can be made once
  • The payments can be made in future
  • Payments  has an option to setup repeadtly
  • The use of checks is avoided. 

Download  Electronic Banking Management Project Report for MBA Students.

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