Operating System CSE Project Report

The Operating System is the basic resources for the computer to start and run, which provides the platform to the user for accessing the hardware to work on the computer software applications. The operating system deals with the operation and handling of the hardware by accepting specific instructions. The operating system helps the user to use the existing software programs to develop other software program. The computer field has lot of operating systems to run a computer.

The different operating systems have different merits and demerits. The operating system lets us to access the computer system and its applications. To run a computer first job is to install the operating system. If we want to install the new operating system we have to initially uninstall the previous operating system. How ever more than one operating system can be run in one computer but needs high storage capacity. 

For the operating system which has to be run by the help of internet, one requires the computer system and the internet. This technology provides to access the other operating system which is present so far away. The technology brings the easy accessibility of the computer. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System is based on the accessibility of the operating system in another computer system by using our computer system with already installed operating system. Our project has made a experiment to develop the operating system with the existing applications. 

We developed a website for the user to use the it as their own system. The website access needs the registration of the user. The user has been given option to customize the operating system as their desktop with all accessibility of files, folder and applications. 

The system is developed in the operating system Windows/ Linux, programming languages J2EE for the front end, My SQL for back end and Net Beans IDE. 

The  hardware systems requires are Pentium IV processor, 32 BIT System Bus, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk drive. 

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