Online Resume Management .Net Project Synopsis

Online resume management will basically provide an online platform that will provide an option to upload a resume and then search for jobs relevant to the skill set. It will have admin panel which will allow admin to manage different features. It will maintain information related to users who will register and apply for jobs as per skills. This application will provide an option to apply for different Functions or Verticals and allow users to apply for different skills as per choice.

User Types: Admin, Users


Admin Module:

It will be accessible to Admin and he or she can add or manage Filters, Employers of Choice, and Job Openings.
→ Job Openings will have the option to add info related to Job title, Company name, Skills, Location, Experience, Posted On, Company Logo, HR Name, Contact no
→ Filters will have options to add different values to filters, like Bangalore / Hyderabad etc in Location. The grid will be provided with different Filter Names and will have the option to add/ Edit option to add Filter values. The option will also be there to add Filter heads.
→ Employers of choice will have the option to add a company logo. Description / About US, Jobs of that company. Admin can add as many Employers of choice and they will be added to the dashboard.

Home Dashboard:

This is basically the dashboard for all users (registered or unregistered). It will show different options like Search filters, Employers of Choice, Login / Register, Upload resume, Job Openings etc. Employers of choice will be added by admin. Job openings info will be added by admin.
Search: This module will provide filters that will allow searches for different conditions. Filters related to Skills, Function, Industry, Location, startups etc will be provided. This module will be accessible to both admin and user. Admin will manage filter updates, like adding and removing different filter values. Users will able to see these filters managed by admin in the home dashboard.

Registration Module:

It will have a complete and comprehensive form which will lot of options to be selected and save relevant information. It will have options to save First name, Last name, Middle name, Password, Re-Confirm password, Current Location, Total Exp, Industry, Function, Key Skills etc for submitting initial registration information.


This module will show notifications whenever admin adds new Job Openings or add Employers of choice.

Contact Us:

Will show info related to contact numbers and also search filters.

Future Enhancements:

We can provide email notifications and SMS integration. This will require web service or API integration with SMS providers and SMTP configuration to handle emails.

Provide package plans for users with related services.
Add Blogs that can be posted by users.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:

Database: SQL Server 2008 and more

Language: C# and Asp

Framework: .Net

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor

RAM 4GB and Above

HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above

64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

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  1. Good morning developer’s,

    May I please have this project with source code and UML structure’s if possible.

    Thank you.

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