Blood Bank Maintenance is under tremendous Pressure in maintaining the day to day work, which is being done manually. This difficulty can be eliminated by computerization.

This project deals with the “Blood Bank Management System and online data acquisition”.

Blood Bank Management System involves the Donor information system, Acceptor information system, Staff information system. Donor information system deals with the organization of the voluntary data. Acceptor information system deals with the organization of the patient (donor) data. Staff deals with the organization of the employee’s data and their responsibilities like updating the remote server, etc.

Online data acquisition module deals with the representation about the IRCS (Indian Red Cross Society), data acquisition that facilitates the users to know the blood stocks at various IRCS blood banks.


The SRS phase consists of two basic activities:

1)      Problem/Requirement Analysis:

2)      Requirement Specification:

Here, the focus is on specifying what has been found giving analysis such as representation, specification languages and tools, and checking the specifications are addressed during this activity.

Download Online Blood Bank Management System ASP.Net Project