Online Voting System ASP.Net Project Synopsis


Project Title: Online Voting System


This is a web page in which we create a voting system. We consider that all voters are preregistered by admin when the voter login for voting he/she can give only one vote. This project developed for threat free and user-oriented Online Voting System. Online Voting System is made for the voters who want to vote for their favourite candidate sitting at home or from any location.


The online voting system is implementing in using MsAccess database.  The main aim of the online voting system is to develop communication with candidates. This web page used by the college for mini-election in which voters who have registered by admin can vote for their favourite candidate. The voter will log in and give its vote to its candidate to whom voter wants to vote.


Admin will register voters and candidates who are standing in an election or any other activity. Only admin can check the result.


To make the communication strong with the candidate and to provide the easy way for voting. To increment the voting percentage. As many people have their physical issue that they cannot go to voting boot so this system gives facility to voters that they can vote from any place or any location.


As this project is online so it is easy for voters to give the vote to their favourite candidate from any place or location


The voters must keep their login id and password secrete because the voter can vote from any place. As the project is online so anyone can vote using its login-id and password.

Project Objective:

The casting of the online voting system from virtually from college building and display voting results for the administrator to analyze and provide a most secure and user-friendly online voting system.


By using the online voting system it will become possible to cast vote easily and without partiality. Thus seamless voting using the central database is possible and will cause no repetitions of votes.

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  1. Thanks you so much for this project abstract. I would like to learn more on this project. Do you mind sharing code for this project too. I appreciate for everything.

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