Lab Test Management .Net / PHP Project Synopsis

Lab Test Management Synopsis:

Project Understanding: This Lab Test Management project basically will be used by the Diagnostic center and it has to provide the main functionality of adding lab test to the applications on ad hoc basis whenever needed. The main functionality should involve the addition of lab tests which will be used later at any point in time to generate bill receipts for patients who come over to center for various lab tests. It will also have reminders functionality which will send SMS notifications to customers in regard to various lab tests that need to be performed in specific time frames. The application will also provide registration for customers and also maintain their history, reports etc. It will also involve doctor registration who prescribes lab tests.

User Types:

Admin, Front Office, Manager, Lab Technician, Customer

Admin will have access to all modules. Can add lab tests from back-end via admin panel.

Front Office can access

Basic Modules involved in the project: 


For this module, we will initially provide Option to gets reports like tests done on a daily, monthly and yearly filtering reports and costing related reports. Will discuss more with a client for specific reports which they will look out for.


This module will allow customers to register. It will have Personal details, Address, package selection option which diagnostics center provides, submit home collection request, view history related to reports and tests that were done previously, schedule a lab test.

Lab Test

It will be accessible to Admin and Manager only. These modules will allow the addition of categories to the system. Each category will then be linked to Subcategories and each subcategory will have different lab tests linked to it. A Lab test that needs to be added will have Lab Test name, Lab test Code, Methodology, and Disease info. Filter criteria will be provided to segregate and search lab tests. Each lab test will have the option to add price to it. (Need info related to CGST and SGST info which need to be shown at the time of report generation).


Admin / Manager can add doctor details to the application. Doctors added to the application can be easily searched while generating receipts for lab tests. Basically, doctors added to the application are reference doctors who prescribe for lab tests.


(SMS package integration → client needs to purchase SMS package / SMTP email configuration).


This functionality will be implemented such that it sends out alerts to patients reminding them to schedule a lab test which has to be done after a specific interval of time frame. For example, a diabetes patient has to get his blood profile done to monitor sugar levels, we will send reminders to the patient that will go put after every 30 days suppose as SMS and email.

Lab Order management

This module will be used by the Front office to book lab tests for walk-in patients, generate receipts, register customers.

Admin panel details:

This will basically be the back end of the project. A separate link will be provided for this panel and is accessible only to admin. It will provide a secure back-end management of data and structural approach to the methodology followed while saving data.

Sl No Task / Module
1 Admin, Front Office, Manager, Lab Technician, Customer
Registration, profile management, change password, email verification of the user
2. Lab Test management
3. User / Customer management
4. Notifications and Reminder management
5. Doctor profile and registration
6. Reporting module
7. Lab Order management
8. Testing
9. Bug fixing and feedback changes

Lab test:
Main Category: All (slug for filtering)
Allergy / Diabetes etc

Add lab test details:


Test Code: 9952

Diseases: biochemical diagnosis and monitoring of intestinal carcinoid syndrome



→ Option to notify customers once results of lab test are ready

→ Option to notify customers via SMS or email for reminders related to periodic lab tests

→ Option to notify scheduled home sample collection info

→ Option to notify billing info for a lab test.

→ Will notify customers once they are registered successfully.

Reminders will work in the same concept as provided by the client.

Technology to Use:

Design and Markup

– HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behaviour
– AngularJS will be used for making the site responsive and secured as per scripting is concerned.

The server-side language (anyone can be used depending upon your preference)

– PHP (Core PHP or any framework like CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel)
– C# and Asp (with a bootstrap framework or DNN skin)

Database Software (anyone can be used depending on your preference and server setup)
– SQL Server

→ We will suggest a server also.

→ This app will need maintenance for sure on a monthly basis. We will look forward to monthly maintenance charges.

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