Online Examination .Net Project Synopsis


Online examination is a web application that is developed to make the examination process automated. This application establishes a connection between Institute and students. This application provides a platform for students to improve their attention toward examinations. This application provides questions with multiple choice. Students can answer the questions within the assigned time. As soon as the test is completed students can view the results which saves a lot of time and reduces the work of correction to the lectures.

Existing System:

A lot of copies of question papers have to be made. A lot of correction work hence the delay in giving the results. A lot of tabulation work for each subject results.

Proposed system:

In the proposed system students can sit at individual terminals and log in to write the exam in the given duration. This system performs correction, displays the results immediately, and also stores them in the database. This system provides the administrator with the facility to add new exams. This system provides the instructor to add questions in the exam and modify questions in the exam in a particular exam. This application takes care of the authentication of the administrator, instructor as well as student.



the student will get registered by entering their details. Every student will be assigned a unique username and password to write the examination. The student can update his account and change his personal information. The student can start his exam after reading all the instructions. The student can get results soon after completing the exam.


Admin gets login with a valid username and password. Admin can have complete access to the application. Admin can view the information of the students and faculty. Admin can view details of all users, single users, and results of all users. Admin can view and update details of a student


Our project online examination was successful in providing better information for students in conducting the online examination. Our application takes the online test in an efficient manner and no time wasting for checking the paper. Our application simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results.

Other Online Examination System Project Synopsis:

“Online Examination” is a web-based project that contains the results of an organization,
where the organization students can see their results using their personal details. this project is developed in HTML CSS And PHP Mysql.
This project makes the work efficient.

Objective Of This Project

This project aims to reduce the manual and paperwork for an organization. This project contains two panels.
Admin Panel is for organizations to manage the result and other details of the students.
Student or Result Panel is for students where they can see their results by entering the details provided by the organization.

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  1. I’m very much interested in this project “Online Examination .Net Project Synopsis” so can u please send the source code of this,to my mail box .

  2. I’m very much interested in this project “Online Examination .Net Project Synopsis” so can u please send the source code of this,to my mail box

  3. hello sir plz sir online exam system in project give me and content and synopis
    topic sir
    contents for synoposis
    college name :- kishan institute of technlogy meerut
    1. project title 2. project classfication
    3. introduction 4. project structure 5. platform requirements
    6. operation details
    7. conclusions/suggestions/limitations
    8. future scope 9. bibliography
    10 annexure
    plz help me

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