Online Restaurant Management System Project Synopsis

This Online Restaurant Management System project is for managing the online bookings of customers for the food in a restaurant.

  1. Customer
  • The user should register first then he can log in to the restaurant. After successful login, he can order the food in that particular restaurant.
  • He should be able to see the menu items uploaded by the admin.
  • He should select the food required from the admin and quantity.
  • Then order option, after this he should enter the payment option,

Finally, order food option.

  • After booking he should be able to see the status of the booking like “your order will be received in 30 minutes”
  • Feedback system for the user
  1. Admin of the Restaurant
  • Admin should log in and he can upload the menu items like North, south and Chinese and in that he should upload the name of the food item, image, price.
  • And admin should be able to manage the food orders from the users.
  • Feedback system management.

Need 5 entities and at least 5 tables in the database and triggers should be added.

Front end : vb .net / Java

Back end : MySql/oracle

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