Online E-Tender Management .Net Project

Online E-Tendering Management .net project is for final year Information technology students who are interested in developing web based application which is implemented in ASP.NET. The main idea for implementing this project is to replace existing manual tender system with computerized system. Online-E-TENDER-MANAGEMENT -Net-Project

In present situation tender system is performed manually which involves lot of manual work and which is a time involved process. Record maintenance is not accurate there are many chances of loss of data which will cause serious problems while preparing reports. In order to involve in tendering process people should travel a long way. As we know in long time manual process leads to lot of problems. 

As the information technology is growing widely there is lot of scope for finding solution for this problem by developing a web based project like Online e-Tender Management system which can resolve all these issues. 

This web application provides organizations to register with this system and upload tender details. Since this application is visible from all over the world clients can log into this site and apply for tenders and submit their quotations to the organizations on the project by filling a from through online.                  

Companies are informed as soon as clients apply for tender so organizations can contact clients for further information or they can communicate through this application.                 

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for a free of cost. 

System specifications for developing Online e-tendering project. 

The system must have the following software requirements: 

Visual Basic .Net (version 2.0)

Visual Basic .Net Framework (version 2.0)

SQL Server 2000/2005

Download CSE Online E-Tendering Management .net project .

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