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Course Management System tool is a web application which is useful for students who are going to choose any college or course in higher education, for them this application is helpful to make the correct the decision with the accurate information.

In this Course Management application, we are having the only module is Student. The student must register into the application by providing all the basic and general information after registration student can log in with the default username and password, the student can change the password and he can also recover his password if he forgot the password.

The student will have the college search option in that he must give the details which course he would like to take up and in which location he needs to specify. Basing on his requirements he will get the list of the colleges or universities present in that location offering that course.

In this Course Management application, only Student Module is present


The student must register and login into the application using username and password which is given at the time of registration and after successful login student will search for the universities basing on his requirements he can view the information and list of colleges present in that location. After viewing the detailed information about the university, he can decide which college is best suitable for his education.

Existing System:

In the Existing Course Management System, the student has a lot of confusion to select the course and universities so that each time a student needs to visit and inquire about the colleges that the course is available or not.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed Course Management System the student just needs to utilize the search form present in student home page and entering his requirements he can view all the information he needs in just a matter of seconds

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