Online Goods Management System Project in Asp.Net

Online Goods Management System Project in Asp.Net is developed to bring buyers and suppliers under single platform. Buyers can register with application and request for material and suppliers will see messages and respond to messages.

Goods Management System


1   This main concern in passing messages between Buyer and Supplier companies.

2      Here, Buyer Company creates purchase order according to their requirements and sends to Supplier Company.

3      On receiving the PO the Supplier Company give response to it.

4      If Supplier company meets the requirements which are specified in PO then its sends confirmation to Buyer otherwise proposal satisfies the requirements of the Buyer Company it accepts otherwise rejects. 


  • Negotiations between Buyer and Supplier Company.
  • Immediate data transfer among trading partners.
  • Can view PO’s information.


The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:


 1. Administration Module

  • Registration Maintenance Module
  • Authentication Module
  • Administrative Module

2. Suppliers Module

  • Register Module
  • Login Module
  • Products Module
  • Purchase Order Module

3. Buyers Module

  • Register Module
  • Login Module
  • Purchase Order Module

4. Message Module

5. Search Module 


  • This Modules involves Administrator operations, involves with maintenance registration, authenticating the suppliers and buyers. This Module contains three sub-modules.
  • Registration Maintenance Module:-This Modules contains operations that perform registration for new suppliers and buyers. When the supplier or buyer fill-up the registration form with out empty fields, the details of that supplier or buyer can store within the database.
  • Authentication Module:-This module authenticated for responsible supplier or user. If any registered supplier or user trying to entering into this system, the administrator check the database if supplier/buyer is existing or no, if exists then checkout the supplier/buyer status in database for allow enter to the system.
  • Administrative Module:- This module maintains list of suppliers and list of buyers from databases.

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