Online Accommodation Information System Project Synopsis


This Online Accommodation Information System project will basically be an easy to use web application that will allow customers or users to search for accommodation in all localities. It is basically for providing a platform wherein information related to rented accommodation will be provided as per different search criteria. It will have sophisticated search logic which will cater to all sorts of customers.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Dealers


Admin: This module will have options to create all base information.

It will have the option to add Property Category types like flat, farmhouses, Individual houses etc. It will then have the option to add subcategories like 3 bhk flat, 2 bhk flat, individual farmhouses, 2 storied or 3 storied individual houses etc. It will have the option to save info related to dealers who will save data related to their properties. It actually will manage approvals of properties that are being added to the system by dealers after verification. It will have the option to update the status of properties to indicate that they have been occupied or vacated or discussion in progress etc.

Customer module: It will allow customers to register and then search for accommodation as per search criteria. The customer has to add all information like price range, locality looking for, type of property and other related information while searching for properties. The dashboard will be provided to show the related search results and option will be provided to contact the dealers of properties.

It will also have the option to send request meeting with a suitable time frame to see the property and they can also get a notification in dashboard once the meeting is confirmed. Once a dealer confirms request sent by the customer the contact information will be shown so that he or she can contact dealers over the phone.

Dealers: They will register with online accommodation system to host and advertise their properties. Once registered admin will check and approve their registration. Once approved they can add their property info and advertise it. They will have a dashboard which will show the info related to properties which were viewed by different customers. If a customer sends a request to view a property that can also be seen in the dashboard under a separate section. It will show the timeframes which customers are looking for and they can accept request which will then enable contact information for the customer.

Future enhancements:

We can introduce email notifications, SMS alerts to customers.
Chat functionality can be enabled after request acceptance for both customer and dealer.
Ratings and review functionality can be introduced which will allow the customer to rate or review dealer property which was shown or rented successfully.

Technical Aspects:

Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as backend with other frameworks.

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