Online Book Store Python Project Synopsis

Using this Online book store application the Customers can buy the books using the internet by sitting at home. 

Usually, the book reader if they want to buy a book they should visit the book stalls, go through the book contents and they wish to purchase the book they do the payment and gets the book to the home. 

To overcome this manual visit to the book stalls we can use this application to visit the bookstalls virtually and make the payment of the purchase.

In this system, an Administrator is going to add a New Book details like ISBN Code, Book Name, Author, Publisher details into the system based on its Category, etc. 

The Administrator will receive the request from the Customer as Purchase of a book.  The Administrator will receive the payment from Customer for the delivery of the book through Credit Card and reserves the book for the Customer. 

Using the Courier delivery system the Administrator dispatches the book to the Customer.

The Customer at another end will register to the site, login into the system and go through the virtual bookstall.  He/she will select a book based on its Author, Category, etc. 

If the Customer would like to purchase the book, he/she will place an order of the book.  The book will delivery status can be captured by this system.  If the book courier found in a bad position, the Customer can also raise a complaint to the Administrator for the action.

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