Bank Information System PHP Project Synopsis


In this Bank Information System project, the bank details are maintained in common. Bank information system manages the account transfer from one bank to another bank.

The details that should be maintained is its bank code, branch code, the amount that should be transferred, the account number from where the amount gets transferred.

The very important thing that should be maintained is the name and along with that unique Id of the person. This could be maintained via a normal view.

According to the detail of the bank account and Id, money that gets transferred is maintained in the database. Whenever the bank manager wishes to retrieve the files by providing the ID and bank code he could receive the data.


1. User Account
2. Unique ID
3. Money Transactions
4. Admin view Details


• Operating system : – Windows Family.
• Coding Language: PHP
• Backend :- MY SQL


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Bank Information System PHP Project Synopsis - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance