Online Shopping Mall PHP Project

Project Title:  Online Shopping Mall PHP Project                                                                                        

Technologies Used: Html, JavaScript, PHP

Database Server:  MYSQL

Project Abstract: Online Shopping Mall PHP Project is a simple real-time online portal was developed with PHP & MYSQL under open source category which consists of different features and functionalities in different categories available for sale like we find in the real-time shopping malls like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Damart, More, etc. 

The user can select the product which he/she likes to buy the product and can add that product to the shopping cart. After selecting all wanted products they can order the product.

The payment transaction can be done by using PayPal system, Debit card or credit card system.

This final year project makes the users work easy in buying the products just by sitting at home rather than going to the malls directly and it’s not a time-consuming process.

This project was developed & Tested in small shopping malls & working fine with no errors.

Download Online Shopping Mall PHP Final Year CSE Project.

32 Replies to “Online Shopping Mall PHP Project”

  1. Great Work done… Please send this project code as soon as possible. I have to submit it in 10 days onwards. please… Documentation was simply WOW… send it to [email protected] please

  2. Hi sir..i want source code for shopping mall management in simple java for allocating shops to the individuals owners,maintaining list of available shops..if u have it pls send to my mail..i have to submit uit within 3 days..

  3. hiii sir please send me olx type php based website

    and solution for added category show on index.php page ive me solution

  4. hi si!
    i want a project of online mobile price maintain in php,kindly send source code of that project…

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