Student Project Information Synopsis

The aim of the Student Project Information Java project is to more efficiently submit academic project information. It is a hassle-free platform which helps the students to reduce paper work. The current status of the academic project on which the students are working upon can be viewed and accessed by the admin.

The admin will be able to view and edit the project using their personal credentials and these changes will be known to the users. The Super Admin has the access to view the project list of all the students.

This Student Project Information java based web application can be used by the students to upload their project updates by logging-in using their credentials. During the complete project schedule, various deadlines are set for the students to update their current project details.

This Final Year Project includes 3 modules:

1. Super Admin
2. Admin
3. User

Super Admin: The Super Admin can view the list of the projects of all the students. He has the ability to generate ranks to every project.

Admin: Admin can perform CRUD (Create, Remove, Update, and Display) operations. The changes made by the Admin can be viewed by the students.

User: User is responsible to work and update the project from time to time. They are provided with the deadline during the completion of the project.

This Student Project Information project is developed on a Windows platform using the following requirements

  • Core Technology Used: Java
  • Front-End Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL

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