Budget Monitoring System PHP Project Synopsis


Budget Monitoring System is a web-enabled online monitoring information system.  This is mainly for streamlining the flow of annual budgetary allocation on various account heads of an establishment including government departments.

It is very necessary to keep watching the utilization of budget allotment in various heads carefully for tracking the progress of various initiatives taken by the organization.

Typically the budget monitoring system is very useful in other than regular expenses or administrative expenses.


  1. Budget Allocation details
  2. Department wise details
  3. Maintaining Regular Expenses
  4. Maintaining Administrative details



System: – Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

Hard disk: – 80 GB

Monitor: 15 Vga Colour

Mouse: – Logitech.

Ram: – 2 GB

Keyboard: – 110 Keys Enhanced.


  • Operating system        : – Windows Family.
  • Coding Language       : -PHP
  • Back end                     :- MY SQL

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