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Category: Web Application

Objective: This application will actually automate the manual work done at police stations formatting the information related to crimes that are reported on a daily basis. It will improve efficiency and also avoid delays in the processing of a crime investigation. Anyone dealing with a case can access the information at fingertips in the easiest way.

The application will have an Inbuilt UI to save all details related to a crime registration, the team has to initially collect all information related to various forms that are available to register and process the cases that are registered in police stations. Depending on the type of crime a different UI can be designed for various crimes that are being registered.

The application will also maintain data related to all police officers that are working in different shifts 24*7 on any given day. We can also provide a feature to register their attendance by providing an interface which will allow saving attendance by a logged in personnel. In future, we can also implement biometric Ui scanning interface to save attendance.


Admin: This module is provided to add employees of all levels. It will create all base categories that are needed. It will create roles, create user types, create users i.e. employees. It will also be used to create record types, i.e. FIR(First Information Report), CD(Case diary), CCD(Court Case Diary), CS (Charge Sheet), RCD (Remand Case Diary) etc. It will allow the user to create different forms for different record types. Admin can also view complaints that are logged in by the public as registered users and assign it to an employee in the sense officials.

Criminal-Info Module: This module will provide an option to create a profile of criminal and enter all data related to him or her. The option will be provided to scan any documents of the criminal.

Diary Module: This module will have options to view and save data for different record types for different criminals for whom cases are registered. It will be accessible to certain roles only. This module will be used to save data in the different type of records and assign criminals to it while creating a case. Hence a case is created in this module and a criminal is attached to it on submission of the record type.

Employees Module: This will be accessible by employees and they can log in and update their profile info. View their info. Depending upon the role they will have access to different record types like Senior inspector will have access to save data in FIR, CD, CCD etc but if a constable logs in he can only view the info for a certain criminal. A logged in an employee can view cases assigned to him or her. This module will be provided with the option to scan any documents and attach it to the case records.

User Module: This will allow public to register themselves and login complain which can be viewed by admin and also view the status of logged in complaints. They can upload any scanned docs or attach videos or pics. ( Feasibility for attaching videos can be covered on a live server but not for the local case).

Blogs or Posts module: this module is accessible to any public user who will register and then blog on the site. It will have like, views and comments options and reply to comments too. This will need multithreading concept to handle the posts and a related web service too.

Future enhancements: Updating data, deleting data and saving data, provisions for these activities will be provided as per roles assigned to an official. For This we can come with a role management module which will be provided with a UI interface. It will have options to assign a role to save or delete or view as per different screens that are available in the application. It will be a sophisticated module which is accessible to certain users only like admin, front office and senior officials only.


FRONT END : ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, javascript

C# language

BACK END: MICROSOFT SQL Server 2008 and above


We can add any other Software tools according to our requirements. Like we can do it in Php also.
Php back End language
MySQL database
HTML Javascript CSS

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